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Roman Catholic Womenpriests maintain that women’s ordinations are valid but illicit (against Canon Law 1024). Our first bishops were ordained by a male bishop in apostolic succession.


Statement on Apostolic Succession

The ordinations of Roman Catholic Womenpriests are valid because of our apostolic succession within the Roman Catholic Church. The principal consecrating Roman Catholic male bishops who ordained our first women bishops are bishops with apostolic succession within the Roman Catholic Church. Therefore, our bishops validly ordain deacons, priests and bishops. Consequently, all qualified candidates, including baptized ministers and priests from other Christian traditions, who are presented to our bishops for ordination are ordained by the laying on of hands in apostolic succession in the Roman Catholic Church. The ordination rite has all the same essential parts as the rite used for male candidates and deacon

2019 Ordinations

For More Information

If you wish to attend an ordination and you are welcome to do so —
contact the administrator in the regional area where the ordination is to take place.

One can find these contacts on the Contact Us section of this website.

Canada Catacomb Priest Ordination-2019

31 May 2019

Place: Catacomb Ontario, Canada

Presiding Bishop: +Jane Kryzanowski

Priest: Catacomb

USA-West San Diego Diaconate Ordination-2019

1 June 2019

Place: San Diego, California

Presiding Bishop: +Jane Via

Deacon: Kori Pacymiak

USA-East Episcopal Ordination-2019

15 June 2019

Place: Wellseley Hills, Massachusetts

Presiding Bishops: +Andrea Johnson

+Bridget Mary Meehan

+Nancy Meyer, +Suzanne Thiel, +Jane Via

Bishop: Jean Marchant

ARCWP Cleveland Catacomb Diaconate Ordination-2019

10 July 2019

Place; Cleveland, Ohio

Presiding Bishop: +Mary Eileen Collingwood

Deacons: Catacomb

USA-Midwest Middleton Diaconate Ordination-2019

3 August 2019

Place: Middleton, Wisconsin

Presiding Bishop: +Nancy Meyer

Deacon: Angela Meyer

ARCWP Linz-Austria Priest Ordination-2019

3 August 2019

Place: Linz Austria

Presiding Bishops: +Mary Eileen Collingwood

+Christine Mayr-Lumetzberger

Priest: Shanon Sterringer

ARCWP Florida Diaconate Ordination-2019

28 August 2019

Place: Palm Coast, FL

Presiding Bishop: +Bridget Mary Meehan

Projected Deacon: Shelley Gilchrist

ARCWP New York Diaconate Ordination-2019

7 September 2019 

Place: Albany, NY

Presiding Bishop: +Bridget Mary Meehan

Projected Deacons: Julie Corron

Denise Hackert-Stoner

USA-East Diaconate Ordination-2019

22 September 2019 

Place: Stony Point, NY

Presiding Bishop: +Jean Marchant

Projected Deacons:
 Jane Audrey-Neuhauser
Jean Fournier
Karen Murphy
Kathleen Blank Reither



Ordination to the Priesthood

Dianne Willman was ordained a priest on January 19, 2019

South Africa

(Presiding bishop was Patricia Fresen)


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