Roman Catholic Women Priests are also prophetic voices at many different outreach events where they have been witnesses to the women’s ordination movement, led liturgies and participated in numerous presentations at annual conferences.

Some examples have included: Call to Action Conferences, Meeting of the World Families, University of Dallas Catholic Ministry Conferences, SOA Watch witnesses, Dignity and Equally Blessed Events, Federation of Christian Ministry Conferences, LA Religious Ed Congresses, Parliament of World Religions and Villanova University Mission and Ministry Conference on Pope Francis A Voice Crying out in the World: Mercy, Justice, Love and Care for the Earth etc.

Parliament of World Religions—Toronto Canada

(These young women who had just received turbans from the Sikhs were thrilled

to spend some time with us at our booth in the exhibit hall.)

2024 Events

RCWP-USA women priests will be back doing outreach at the

2024 LA Religious Ed Congress

Anaheim, California

Please join us

February 15-18th

2023 Events

RCWP-USA women priests will be back doing outreach at the

2023 LA Religious Ed Congress

Anaheim, California

Please join us

February 23-26th

Roman Catholic Women Priests will also be attending the

Chicago, Illinois August 14th-18th

Past Events of the Year Included:

2022 Events


This very professional and well-presented BBC 26 min Documentary can be found on YouTube and features Father Anne (Anne Tropeano of Albuquerque New Mexico), Olga Alvarez (ARCWP Bishop in Colombia) and Kate McElwee (from WOC).

 Go to YouTube to view this documentary

20th Anniversary

Roman Catholic Women Priests celebrate their 20th Anniversary.

On June 29th, 2002, on the waters of the Danube, seven courageous women were ordained Roman Catholic priests, sparking a worldwide movement of “walking the walk” of renewed priestly ministry.  Since that time, hundreds of women have broken unjust, misogynistic church laws in order to obey their authentic calls to priesthood.

There were several celebrations of the 20th anniversary of the “Danube Seven”,

2018-2020 Events

CTA Conferences

CTA Regional Conferences & Events 2019

New York – Minneapolis – Sacramento – McAllen, TX

 Midwest Regional Conference: Effective Strategies for Making Change

St. Francis Cabrini Catholic Church, Minneapolis, MN, July 25-26, 2019

This conference is about Church Reform strategy. Our goal will be to learn to strategically collaborate with one another even when it seems like we’re engaging in the work of church reform in different, or even contradictory, ways. We will explore how to leverage different preferences, approaches, and tactics so that together we will move closer to our shared goal of an inclusive and liberating Catholicism.

West Coast Regional Conference

Building More Just Communities

Doubletree Hotel, Sacramento, CA. October 4-5, 2019

A weekend of friendship, inspiration, community, and liturgy. We will be presenting longtime friends of CTA (Roy Bourgeois and Ched Myers) as well as speakers who are new to our gatherings, with an emphasis on spirituality, racial and gender justice, immigration, justice for LGBTQI individuals, environmental justice, peace, and church reform.
 Featuring Roy Bourgeois, Ched Myers, Sr. Irma Dillard, Bishop Jane Via RCWP, Deborah Lee, Tim Stier and more.

A Border Experience:
Life at the Margins

McAllen, TX – November 15-17, 2019

This event will provide an understanding of the true border situation to national CTA members and fellow travelers, and will contribute to national activism regarding the critical issues faced by the marginalized on our border.

Dates: March 22-24, 2019
RECongress Youth Day theme: “Trust! God’s Gotchu”
RECongress adult days theme: “Thirsting for Justice” | “Sed de Justicia” | “Khát Khao Công Lý”

Anaheim Convention Center as we advocate for
Women’s Ordination and Equality in the Church

November 1-7th 2018
Toronto, Canada

The Promise of Inclusion, the Power of Love

Pursuing Global Understanding, Reconciliation and Change

Exhibit Hall Booth 311

Meeting with Cardinal Rodriguez Maradiaga at LA Religious Ed Congress

His response was: “You are prophets just keep on doing what you are doing.”


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