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Resources: Current Titles

How to Keep Your Parish Alive
by Eileen McCafferty DiFranco

Available on

God's Daughters

God's Daughters is a documentary that features Diane Whalen and Kathleen Bellefeuille-Rice; both Roman Catholic Womenpriests and their community Holy Wisdom in Olympia Washington. The film follows Kathleen throughout her preparation for ordination and focuses on their ministry within the community.  
Luc Novovitch, the filmmaker, was granted complete access to film their daily lives and duties, resulting in a film presenting a human and unvarnished vision of the lives and struggles of these women who fight to be accepted as priests by the Vatican. Through their movement, they promote their vision and goal of establishing a renewed and an all-inclusive Roman Catholic Church.

God's daughters can be downloaded at  The DVD can be purchased at



This slideshow features Roman Catholic Womenpriests who are standing on the shoulders of the ones who have come before them. It was originally created as a homily for the RCWP liturgy at the 2012 Call to Action Conference (A Liturgy for a Just World---Faith Rising in Action). Individual ministries of womenpriests are shown throughout the slideshow. It is through the support of many of you that allows womepriests to continue to fulfill their mission of renewal of the priesthood in the Roman Catholic Church. We are especially thankful for Fr Roy Bourgeois, Fr Bill Brennan, theologian Elizabeth Johnson and the many others who have risked so much to support the women's ordination movement. We invite you to use this slideshow to facilitate discussion and reflection with small groups with whom you gather. Special thanks to Earth Mama (Joyce Rouse) for the use of her song "Standing on the Shoulders".

Our new book, Women Find A Way,
can now be ordered at: Virtual Bookworm

Women Find A Way has also been published in German
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Ida Raming, Iris Müller
"Contra Legem'' - a Matter of Conscience

Our Lifelong Struggle for Human Rights for Women in the Roman-Catholic Church.
Autobiographies, Background Papers, Documents, Future Prospects

Two female German theologians bear witness to their lifelong struggle for a groundbreaking reform of the position of women in the Roman Catholic Church. Ever since Vatican Council II they have been committed to a renewed church where women may use their talents in ordained ministry to serve the people of God. They describe the gender discrimination they faced in acquiring their theological educations, the courageous steps they have taken in recent years to respond to their priestly callings and to help other gifted women do the same.

These are two intertwined autobiographies, enriched by an appendix with noteworthy historic documents from the 1960's to the present day, including correspondence with Professors Joseph Ratzinger and Karl Rahner.

Ida Raming, RC theologian (Dr. theol.), author of numerous books and articles. In June 2002, she was ordained priest and in 2006, she was ordained bishop in the International Movement Roman Catholic Women Priests (RCWP). She is spokeswoman for the German section of RCWP.

Iris Müller, RC theologian (Dr. theol.), author of several books and articles. In June 2002, she was ordained a priest. She is member of the International Movement RCWP.

Theologische Orientierungen, Bd. 15, 264 S., 24,90 €, br, ISBN 978-3-643-10986-6


Women Deacons: Past, Present, Future
by Gary Macy, William T. Ditewig and Phyllis Zagano

The tremendous growth of the permanent order of deacon in the Church carries with it lingering questions about women deacons. The Church s evident need for more women in ministry demands careful exploration and evaluation of the historical roots, contemporary ecclesial realities, and creative future possibilities for including women in the diaconate. In these three essays, originally written for this volume, Professors Macy, Ditewig and Zagano evaluate the question of women deacons from the historical, contemporary, and future perspectives in conversation with one another and with the whole Church. The result is essential reading for anyone interested in the nature and exercise of diaconate in the contemporary Catholic Church.

Roman Catholic Womenpriests also recommend a new novel titled
Ordained: I Have Chosen You
by L.C. Anthony

Joan Chittister says this about this new novel:
The author’s Ordained does what no one else has been able to do: It introduces into the center of the Church a conversation about the obstacles, the process and the social nerve endings touched by ordaining a woman to the priesthood. Most of all, it presents us with the theological conundrum that comes when a Eucharistic community stands on the brink of losing the Eucharist, despite the presence of willing ministers. And it does it all in the most non-threatening form possible, a novel. Ordained is a book that raises the questions we need to discuss, not deny, not ignore, not repress if we are really going to be church.
—Joan Chittister, OSB

Click here to download order form for Ordained, I Have Chosen You

More Recommended Reading:


Taking Back God:  American Women Rising Up for Religious Equality
by Leora Tenenbaum

In this book, Leora Tanenbaum tells the stories of religious Christian, Jewish and Muslim women who are "declaring that they expext to be treated as equals in their religious spheres." This book refers to Roman Catholic Womenpriests as Catholic reformers in an interesting chapter entitled "Catholic Women vs. the Vatican."


The Hidden History of Women’s Ordination:
Female Clergy in the Medieval West
by Gary Macy  (Oxford University Press, Inc.  2008) 

This is a must read!--- One of the most comprehensive and scholarly surveys of the history of womens ordinations in the Roman Catholic Church---a very thorough study with over 130 pages of notes and cited bibliography.



Called: Women Hear the Voice of the Divine
by Gretchen Kloten Minney  (Wonder Why Publications, 2010) 

Called - Women Hear the Voice of the Divine provides a brief background and history of ordination within the Catholic Church and tells the stories of the brave women who have been called to priesthood and who have followed the voice of that calling.



Living Gospel Equlity Now book

Living Gospel Equality Now
by Bridget Mary Meehan





Come By Here
by Judith A.B. Lee

This moving book gives voice to the poor and illuminates ministry with people who are facing poverty, homelessness, systemic oppression, and a host of life's challenges. Interwoven are the poignant stories of the people and the author's reflections on the Church in the Park and the Church in the House ministry. Asserting that Good News for the poor must include being poor no more, it tells a story of hope in the midst of profound struggle. It begins and ends with the theology of the poor as informed by the Gospels, the people themselve, and relevant theologies. It is church emerging fully alive from the ashes of dying institutional churches that fail to make church with the poor and outcast even while they may provide alms and food for them. You will not put down this inspiring account of ministry, faith and love.

A Church of Her Own: What Happens When A Woman Takes the Pulpit
by Sarah Sentilles (Harcourt, Inc. 2008)  

What happens when a woman gets ordained?  This book deals with stories of several women in different Protestant denominations and the resistances that they have to deal with as they meet the daily challenges of being  ordained ministers.  There are several interesting chapters dealing with: Clothing, Sex, Inclusive Language, the Body etc.  It also features Victoria Rue (RCWP womenpriest) and her journey to ordination. This book while not nearly as scholarly as Macy’s is a quick read and offers some humor regarding some of the challenges that face ordained women.

A History of Women and Ordination: Volume 2:
The Priestly Office of Women: God's Gift to a Renewed Church

by Ida Raming

Women Officeholders in Early Christianity: Epigraphical and Literary Studies
by Ute E. Eisen, Linda M. Maloney, and Gary Macy

Ordained Women in the Early Church: A Documentary History
by Kevin Madigan and Carolyn Osiek

Women In Christianity
by Hans Kung and John S. Bowden

A primary source of information regarding RCWP:

A Brief Overview of Womenpriests in the History of the Roman Catholic Church
by Bridget Mary Meehan, Olivia Doko, and Victoria Rue

Roman Catholic Womenpriests are a new and ancient model of priesthood, within the Roman Catholic Church.
(click above title for a pdf file)