"We can not wait for the Church to change"

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A bishop and a priest Catholic dissidents explain their defiance of the Vatican

The two former nuns were not allowed to take communion in the church of San Pedro and were asked to leave the basilica. They are staying in one of the numerous Roman convents operated as hotels, five minutes walk from the Vatican. But they hide their status to avoid problems with the nuns. They put the collar on when entering the streets.

The Austrian Christine Mayr-lumetzberger, 56, is a founder of the dissident movement Roman Catholic Women Priests (RCWP)-Roman Catholic priests, and has already reached the rank of bishop. The American Juanita Cordero, 70, is serving as a priest in a worshiping community in Los Gatos (California). They are tourists in Rome, but take the opportunity to contact the press and made public in its sole discretion. "Our main goal is to testify that the priests are here to stay, we have been called to the priesthood, which are equal to men," Cordero says with conviction. "God has called me, I know we can not wait for Rome to change," drives home this petite and energetic widow. From the age of 17 to 27 years Cordero was a nun. Then she married a former Jesuit. They had four children and adopted a fifth African American. Cordero was always very active in her Catholic parish. She cannot earn money in the Church but just wants to do pastoral work, and continue her commitment to serve the people. Nothing more." The Bishop was between 20 and 25 years, a Benedictine nun. Then she left the convent and got married. She clarifies that, despite its rebellious stance, she is still paying the voluntary levy that exists in Austria for Catholics. According to Cordero, the relationship between RCWP and the official Church is uneven. Both say they receive much support from the religious orders, especially the Jesuits and Franciscans, and less from diocesan priests, "but this support is growing quietly." Mayr-lumetzberger warns that diocesan priests are afraid of reprisals, of losing their parishes and their salaries. - Where does the Church, after seven years as Pope Benedict XVI? -We asked. - Backward-answer, without hesitation, Cordero. The bishop and the priest of RCWP complain about the diminishing role given to women in the liturgy, including by deleting altar girls. Mayr-lumetzberger attributes it "the ministry of dictatorship," which, in her view, overlooking the Church. "There is much fear of being thrown out of office," she says. Both are convinced that there will be a collapse of existing structures, but that will be healthier for the faithful. "The issue is not only priests, but gays and lesbians, divorced Catholics, contraception, are closed questions for discussion." laments Cordero. Mayr-lumetzberger confident that in the future, little by little, the Vatican accepts exceptions by the back door, as it has done with the inclusion of Anglican married priests or special status for traditionalists Lefebvrists. According to the bishop, the successor to the current pope may open hands with women. And remember: "The mission of the bishops, also the bishop of Rome, is to unite, not divide."

VAL EUSEBIO writes: Clerical collar. Christine Mayr-lumetzberger bishop (right) and Juanita Cordero taken in front of the Basilica of St. Peter, which they were expelled from after mass.


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