Call to Action Conference (November 5-7, 2010)

"Prophesying, Interpreting, Confronting, Visioning"
Roman Catholic Womenpriests invite you to join them for an inclusive Eucharistic celebration. RCWP with 600+ CTA members set a vision of compassion and hope for a renewed Church community.

RCWP Episcopal Ordinations April 19, 2009












RCWP Episcopal Ordinations April 19, 2009
Bishops pictured from left to right: Ida Raming (Germany) Regina Nicolosi (Minnesota),
Patricia Fresen (Germany), Andrea Johnson (Maryland), Christine Mayr-Lumetzberger (Austria), Joan Houk (Pennslyvania), Bridget Mary Meehan (Virginia and Florida) 

Call to Action Conference November 2009

Call to Action Conference November 2009

Roman Catholic Womenpriests meet with Next Generation Group at annual CTA Conference in Milwaukee Conference







Catholic Bishops Conference Baltimore, Maryland
November 16-19th 2009

Roman Catholic Womenpriests Share Our Prayer for Vocations and Map where RCWP Serve With U.S. Catholic Bishops at Meeting in Baltimore

RCWP networks with CORPUS and FCM (Federation of Christian Ministries) outside Mariott Waterfront in Baltimore. These three groups stand together at the United States Catholic Conference of Bishops to call attention that there is no shortage of priests and no need to close parishes if only the Vatican would recognize womenpriests and married priests.

Roman Catholic Womenpriests:
Map - Red dots represent locations of womenpriests in U. S.

Left to right: Andrea Johnson, RCWP (bishop of Eastern region), Zemaya Jones, (representative of Living Water Inclusive Catholic Community, Catonsville, MD., woman on right, name unknown). Roman Catholic Womenpriests and CORPUS (association of married priests) witnessed on our behalf at the recent USCCB meeting on Wednesday of this week. The red dots on the map represent all of our ordained women.
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Call to Action Conference Milwaukee, Wisconsin Nov. 6-8, 2009

Roman Catholic Womenpriests: Booth Displays Information about RCWP at Call to Action Conference in Milwaukee, Wisconsin/Nov. 2009

Left to right: Ron Hindelang, Jean Marchant (Jean,RCWP and Ron, a married couple, are both priests who serve Spirit of Life, A Community of Justice and Joy in Framingham, Massachusetts) Juanita Cordero, RCWP, serves a community in the Los Gatos, California, Suzanne Thiel, RCWP, ministers in a nursing home and prison in Portland, Oregon
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Deacon Mary Kay Kusner, RCWP
Iowa City, Iowa

The Roman Catholic Womenpriest Movement was well-represented at Call to Action Conference (approximately 2000 attendees) in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on Nov. 5-7, 2009. RCWP had a booth in the exhibit hall. Here our members gave out our prayer for vocations and shared information about our growing movement. The response was heart-warming! Many Catholic leaders in the reform movement expressed support for our vision of a renewed priestly ministry. Click on photo to enlarge.

Federation of Christian Ministries 2009 Conference
July 17-19th Columbus, Ohio
Juanita Cordero and Suzanne Thiel's presentation on Women Ministering to the Frail and Imprisoned: Healing Through Listening and the Embrace of the Community

CORPUS 22nd Annual Conference
Bishop Patricia Fresen will be a speaker
Dallas, Texas, June 26-28th, 2009

Call to Action Northwest Oregon
Bishop Andrea Johnson and Panel of Womenpriests speak on Women Find A Way: A Call to Prophecy. May 31, 2009 Portland, Oregon

Intentional Eucharistic Communities Conference
May 15-17 , 2009
National 4-H Conference Center, Chevy Chase, Maryland. Bishop Bridget Mary Meehan will be co-leading a session on women in ministry.


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