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Answering the Call to Priesthood

The Roman Catholic Womenpriests Program of Preparation is broad-based and includes
the following areas:

  • Theological Studies: a Masters in Theology, Masters in Divinity or the equivalent, along with ministerial experience.
  • Sacramental Preparation: the completion of ten units of preparation and on-going training with an assigned mentor.
  • Liturgical Practice: "hands on" practicum with an assigned mentor.
  • Spiritual Discernment: regular meetings with a qualified spiritual director for at least one year before and after diaconate ordination.

A psychological evaluation and criminal background check are also required.

Photo of Ordinations, 2008

If you are interested in becoming a priest and would like more information regarding the Roman Catholic Womenpreist Program of Preparation and Candidacy, please contact:

Roman Catholic Womenpriests-USA, Inc.
Preparation Program Coordinators

USA-West: Sandra DeMaster

USA-East: Barbara Beadles

USA-Midwest: Josie Petermeier

USA-Great Waters: Mary Keldermans

USA-South: Caryl Johnson

Association of Roman Catholic Womenpriests

Eleanora Marinaro

Miriam Picconi

RCWP Canada-West

Monica Kilburn-Smith

RCWP Canada-East

Roberta Fuller

RCWP Europe-West

Patricia Fresen

Weiheämter für Frauen
in der römisch-katholischen Kirche

Christine Mayr-Lumetzberger