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For further information about Roman Catholic Womenpriests movement,
please contact: Suzanne A. Thiel, 503-784-3330


Roman Catholic Womenpriests-USA, Inc.

USA-West: Jennifer O'Malley

USA-East: Marellen Mayers

USA-Midwest: Monique Venne

USA-Great Waters: Mary Ellen Robertson

USA-South: Mary Ann Schoettly

Association of Roman Catholic Womenpriests

Dorothy Shugrue
Association of Roman Catholic

RCWP Canada-West

Monica Kilburn Smith

RCWP Canada-East

Danielle Whissell

RCWP Europe-West

TBA - For information contact:
Mary Ann Schoettly

Weiheämter für Frauen
in der römisch-katholischen Kirche

Christine Mayr-Lumetzberger