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Kalamazoo bishop warns Catholics not to participate in 'Womenpriest' ordination ceremony

May 27, 2014

Bishop Paul Bradley of the Catholic Diocese of Kalamazoo is warning Catholics not to participate in a ceremony Saturday in which a Three Oaks woman will be ordained by the group Roman Catholic Womenpriests.

The May 31 ceremony for Lillian Lewis, 75, will be held at First Congregational Church in Three Oaks. The ceremony will be conducted by Joan Houk, a Womenpriests bishop...



While Pope Francis keeps the door shut, more women seek ordination

Monday, December 16, 2013

In September of this year, Juan Arias, a journalist for the Spanish newspaper El País, started rumors that, even though Pope Francis had reiterated his predecessor John Paul II's assertion that the door was closed on the question of women's ordination, there might be a route open for the pontiff to appoint the first woman cardinal. Although the Vatican immediately denied these assertions, the media swirled with the speculation and names of prominent Catholic laywomen who might be suitable candidates.



Roman Catholic Women Priests Congratulate Pope Francis 
March 13, 2013
Worldwide members of the international movement of Roman Catholic Women Priests send our heartfelt congratulations to Pope Francis.

We sincerely welcome him with our prayers and hopes for the future of the Roman Catholic Church. We look forward to the birth of a new era that promotes the inclusion of the voices of women, the poor and all others marginalized by society.

Our hope is for a vigorous renewal of pastoral Church leadership living the Gospel of Jesus the Christ.

We bless our new pope and pray with him. May God be with you, Pope Francis.

Roman Catholic Womenpriests
PBS, July 11, 2012

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Call to Action Conference, November 2012

We Cannot Wait for the Church to Change

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